October 11, 2010


OMD!  It's been two months since I updated last time!!

I was bewitched into....

I guess I have to change the title to

Naaaaa.  I'm just kidding.  What I've got is

How we met him? 

Well, it was about 3 weeks ago, Mom found him meowing in a parking lot.  He was so small, hungry, and sprayed on his back. (some nasty people must have done this to him! :<) 

Mom tried to find his mother or siblings, but couldn't find one.  So she just couldn't leave him alone (as he badly needed food, home and love!) and took him home.

How I reacted?  Well, I thought mom brought me a new toy!!!  I tried to chew him but Mom didn't let me.  The little kitten hissed at me and I was freaked out and barked at him in turn.

At first the kitten and I didn't seem to get along with each other, so mom and dad thought we should find someone who can take care of this little kitten, but the very next day,

We named him "COTA", this is how we write his name and its meanings:

We wish him many happy returns!

We don't know exact his age, but when we took him to a vet for the first time, the vet performed a thorough hands-on physical exam on him and told us he was about 6 weeks old, so he is about 9 weeks now.

(even though I have to be strict with him from time to time to teach him how to behave!)

Anyway, please welcome our new family member!


  1. OMD!! Cota is adorable!! Your mom is the best for saving this poor little guy and now he has a great home!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. Cota! Your so handsome! God bless your new parent for taking you in!! What a good person!! Thank you for caring for this sweet heart!!

    Dogs Rule and Cats rule too!!!!


  3. Oh Bunta how adorable. You sure are a good boy
    Benny & Lily

  4. Awhhh! Cota is sooo cute!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear