May 1, 2010

Shrine Visit

Mom had very busy week, but now it's a holiday week in Japan! We have 4 National hoidays studded in the first week of May and we call it "Golden week" as it is a good vacation season.

Many people travel extensively at home and abroad, and everywhere is so crowded. Dad, Mom and I hate crowded places, so we just stay at home and have some relaxation time.

Today, we went to Oharano Shrine, which is one of my favorite places for a walk.

I love these fresh greens in this season.

Greeting Racoon Statues. :D

This is where we wash our hands and rinse our mouths so that we can purify our bodies and minds before we make a prayer to gods (or goddesses).

This is the "torii" gate. The straw rope you can see on the gate is believed to ward off evil spirits and means inside of this rope, it's a sacred area where gods ore goddesses are.

This is "Honden" or sanctuary, where gods (or goddesses) are enshrined.

There are some rules to make a prayer to Japanese gods (or goddesses).
1. Make a money offering to the offertory box.
(The amount is up to you. 10 cents to 1 dollar would be fine.)
2. Ring a bell in front of honden.
(Most shrines have a bell, but this shirine does't, so you can skip this.)
3. Bow twice.
4. Clap twice.
5. Bow once.

Then, make a prayer.


  1. Oh Bunta you are the best guide. We like the idea of lots of holidays...Have fun
    Benny & Lily

  2. Bunta, we agree with Benny and Lily! You are the best tour guide! We wanted to keep going and exploring more. What else can we see? What's next??? Please take us to more places!

    By the way, Bunta. You are one handsome Frenchie!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty