May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Our GABE giveaway has sent to Olive.

Check Olive's blog!!

We are so glad they liked it!
Thank you olive :D

Yesterday, Dad & Mom took me to a vet, and I had a medical check-up and rabies vaccination. Ouch!

In Japan, rabies vaccinations are required by Country law and we have to get vaccinated EVERY YEAR even though Japan is one of the rabies free countries. (No case has been reported since 1957.)

Well, I understand we need to protect ourselves and rabies vaccination is necessary (as some animals with rabies could be smuggled), but I think it should be at least once every three years like most other countries...

Oh well, it's Mother's Day today!

Am I too lazy to say that with sleeping face?
No, no, it's OK, because that makes mom happy!!


  1. King Bunta, so sorry to hear you had to get poked and prodded at the vet. Sometimes it's what we have to go through. Hmpf.

    Poo poo kisses,
    Queen Betty

  2. Your GABE giveaway is beautiful, how we wish we had won then it would have been a perfect gift for Mummy on Mother's Day. Still, congratulations to Olive for winning it!

    We too, go for our annual jabs too but we do not know what they are. Most probably the humans would know.

    We wish your Mom a Happy Mother's Day!

  3. We saw your GABE present had arrived at Olives! IF she ever gets tired of it, we told her she could send it our way! Too bad about all those rabies shots... Vets here are finally starting to do all our vaccines less, since research shows we've been overdoing it (even distemper and that sort of thing). Less shots is certainly good news! Oh, and we like your collar - You are stylin' Bunta!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  4. oh bunta, you look so sad about your vaccination! our little dodger just had his rabies shot too. he was not happy either. but i am glad you were so good on mother's day. you are such a cutie!

  5. Going to the vet for shots is not fun, but I'm sure you were very brave.


  6. Happy Mother's Day!!! You poor doggie at the vets :(

    Now you will be healthy and STRONG :)

    Licks from me!